HappyHour Cocktail Mixers - The Trilogy

If there's one thing we miss most about the pre-pandemic life, its going out to enjoy a refreshing well crafted cocktail. Despite our current restrictions, you can still stay home and enjoy your craft cocktails too. 

The average cocktail from your favorite restaurant or bar contains 4-6 ingredients, tremendous prep time and takes several steps to create before it arrives to you. After a jam packed day juggling work, zoom, family, etc.... who has time to make a perfectly balanced cocktail with fresh squeezed citrus, freshly pressed fruit juice and botanicals and homemade simple syrup infusions?  And its not like you can just run out to your favorite bar these days.

HappyHour Cocktail Mixers is a non-alcoholic 100% all natural hand-crafted cocktail mixers; made with fresh cold press juice, fresh squeezed citrus and infused with fresh botanicals. When mixed with your favorite spirits or zero proof beverages, HappyHour creates perfectly balanced craft cocktails or mocktails without all the extra ingredients and hard work.  

The packaging is what really cool and convenient. HappyHour is ditching heavy bottles for lightweight, environmentally friendly pouches flexible packaging. HappyHour is conveniently packaged in a stay-fresh, leak-proof stand up pouch that is easy to open and carry, quick-chilling and features a spill proof spigot for easier dispensing.  Just add your booze, shake and serve!

There’s no better time to channel your inner “Master Mixologist" with HappyHour Cocktail Mixers.


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