Strainers, Jiggers, Muddlers

Free pour or be sure? Pros in the know will tell you that when it comes to measuring, you can’t just wing it. Enter the jigger, a simple little bar tool with a huge job. Pouring out the exact amount of spirits, syrups, juices and modifiers results in a perfectly proportionate Negroni and a Daiquiri that’s beautifully balanced between the sweet and the tart.Think of the muddler as the pestle of the bar world. Used to extract juice from fruit pulp and essential oils from herbs and citrus peels, there isn’t a substitute out there that’s as efficient. (Just ask any high-volume bartender cranking out hundreds of Mojitos to go without it for a busy shift.) Then you must properly separate liquid from solid—that’s the chief job of the cocktail strainer. Sounds easy enough, but choosing the wrong one can leave you with a mouth full of annoying mint bits. 

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