Watermelon Ginger Mixer - limited quantities available

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Our seasonal favorite!

Fresh pressed organic watermelon juice perfectly blended with fresh citrus and livened up with fresh ginger. 

  • Size: 12 oz (three - 4 oz glass bottles)
  • Each bottle makes 2-3 cocktails  
  • Makes a great gift

 The best thing about HappyHour Asian Pear Ginger Mixer, aside from the refreshing flavor, is its versatility. This masterful blend is exceptional with vodka, gin, tequila, mezcal,  whiskey, bourbon bubbles, iced tea, kombucha, sparkling water........ you name it! 

The possibilities are endless! You can easily mix up 100s of different cocktail variations with this one mixer as your foundation!

Added BONUS: A long-trusted anti-nausea treatment, ginger has also been shown to be a cure for hangovers.

Ingredients: fresh watermelon juice, filtered spring water, fresh lime juice, fresh lemon juice, fresh ginger root juice, fresh orange juice, raw cane sugar